Aren’t all garage doors pretty much the same?

The short answer to this is no. It is like comparing a Holden to a Mercedes, both have 4 wheels and will get you from A to B but the difference lies in the build quality and materials. When it comes to garage doors, sure most manufacturers use BHP colorbond but there are quality differences in both the door panels, in the way they are made, as well as in the track system. Some brands have a long brace or stiffening section along the section of horizontal track on the double width doors whereas the cheaper brands don’t to save money which allows more flexing and twisting. Another obvious difference in in the size of the stiles or bracing elements behind the skin of the door panels. The better brands have a 65mm wide stile for added strength where others have only a 50mm stile which is 23% smaller. The hinging system is also a major difference between brands with the cheaper brands suffering broken hinges often due to poor stile alignment on the back of the panels.
The bottom-line is that all of these things contribute to a garage door that will not only last but will also serve you reliably for the long term. You might save $100.00 in the initial purchase but the reliability and durability of what is essentially the largest moving object in your house may not be worth the hassle later on.

Do I need to service my garage door?

Yes. All garage doors require what is commonly called and annual service. Just like your car, you wouldn’t keep driving it until something goes wrong. This ensures that your garage door is operating within the correct manufacturers parameters and is safe to use. All garage doors are spring assisted and these springs, like all of us, get tired after doing a lot of work. These springs counter balance the weight of the door so that the remote control system can move the door efficiently and will need to be re tensioned at some point. In the case of sectional doors, if the springs aren’t tensioned correctly, the lifting cables may jump off the cable drums at the end of the axle and tangle causing the door to twist and jam preventing you from opening or closing the door. Track alignment, motor settings, cable condition and lubrication are other items that also need to be checked.

Can I have a garage door or gate made to suit my style of house?

Absolutely. We offer a custom design service for both garage doors and gates to make your home something unique and special. With a range of options like timber look finishes, laser cut designs, architectural finishes such as Alucobond and aluminium and acrylic or polycarbonate to name a few. Call us for a free, in home measure and quote.

If there is a blackout can I still open my garage door?

Yes. All garage door motors must comply with Australian standards which includes the provision of a manual release mechanism so the garage door can be opened manually in the case of emergency or power blackout.

Can I use a PIN number to access my garage or open my gates?

Yes you can. With the addition of a wireless digital keypad you can open your garage door or gate using a pin number. This is convenient for the kids to let themselves in after school, gardeners, housekeepers or family members who need access. The pin number can be changed at any time.